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Your video-bikes totally stole the show at our event! In fact, I cannot think of any other advertising media that would provide us with such level of visibility and target accuracy. The message we wanted was definitely delivered.

Margaux Asteghene Branding and Promotions Manager, General Electric

The evening went really well, can't believe the crowd you gathered!

Rebecca Edwards Pd3, Intel account director

We had an incremental increase in the quantity of visitors reaching 9% in the end of the 7-day campaign with Kino-mo. We will certainly use Kino-mo for future campaigns

Max Burdilov CEO, Smart Parts London

We had the privilege of trying a bike during a night tour and people in the streets were stopping us all the time, fascinated by the videos and pictures and asking information about these ‘magic bicycles

La Stampa newspaper Italy

About Kino-mo

Kino-mo is a London-based company that develops hi-tech smart visual technologies. Kino-mo received a number of British awards, worked with global brands from Samsung and Intel to Aston Martin and was awarded Top 3 British inventions of the year

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