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Advertising modes

Mobile bikes advertising

  1. Install Kino-mo on wheels according to the manual
  2. Transfer images and videos from a computer via USB or Wi-Fi
  3. Choose the cycling route with the best exposure

Mobile advertising mode involves a fleet of video bikes driving in selected high footfall areas.

The video bikes travel with a speed low enough to deliver messages to pedestrians and car drivers - a novel method to kick-start brand awareness in specific locations.

Unique advertising solution is an effective idea for PR-stunts, product launches and store openings.

Static bikes advertising

  1. Choose a busy spot around the city
  2. Place video bikes on portable bike stands
  3. Press the button on Spinner to rotate the wheels automatically

Positioned at some busy places around the city, video-bikes are placed on portable bike stands while a special device spinning the wheels.

Riders interact with public and distribute promo materials offering an opportunity for engagement with products and services.

Static advertising can be effectively complemented with Mobile Advertising.

Bicycle display platforms

  1. Choose your size of the platform
  2. Install the platform according to the provided manual
  3. Plug it in and enjoy the show

Bicycle display platforms are fully-automatic advertising installations to be placed in shopping malls and stadiums, casinos and exhibitions.

The content can be uploaded from computers and smartphones wirelessly or via USB. This is an innovative concept to maximize footfall to specific locations, create hype on deals and amuse customers.

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88% of respondents believe video bikes are extremely noticeable

98% of respondents believe video bikes advertising creates a positive image for a brand

96% of respondents believe video bikes are more impactful than billboards


All-weather/day and night use
Display 3D content
Transfer images/video from your computer using Wi-fi or USB
Images seen at low bicycle speed

Kino-mo is better than anything similar

8 times higher screen resolution

than closest competitors have

Full colour with over 262 000 colours

against 4096 colours from any competitors

Ultra-brightness allowing to advertise during the daytime

none of our competitors can

The ad content seen at the low speed starting from 4mph

8mph of competitors' is unsuitable for advertising

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Increase sales with video bikes technology

Brand Awareness

Store Openings

Bring people to stores and gain attention of passers-by using video bikes

Video bikes target selected radius around the new store. Static advertising is carried out at different locations, including the one next to the store.

Staff riders dressed in promotional clothing hand out promo material and interact with public. Video-bikes gain attention of passers-by and maximise footfall into the new store

Product Launches

Create public engagement and make products visible

Static performances provide a high level of interactivity with passers-by and can be complemented with samplings and flyers distribution.


Wow public and get core messages across to audience

Moving with the low enough speed to comprehend the message, video bikes provide magnetizing, high-reach advertising


The bikes create public engagement, convey green credentials & get core messages across.


Stand out from other exhibition stands and increase interaction with visitors

Holding a stand at the exhibition or conference, you will gain a maximum exposure and make visitors stop short.

Window Displays

Place magnetizing video bikes onto shop windows and enhance the brand image

Static video-bike placed in window displays is an effective tool to boost sales, get customers to enter shops and promote certain products.

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