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Transfer images/video from your computer

via USB or wirelessly

Mains powered

Plug it in and enjoy holograms

Create 3D content

Use any standard 3D software

Easy Set-up

No custom installation required


Holograms grab attention

  1. Kino-mo is a sure way to catch customer’s eyes and have impact on purchasing behavior
  2. Kino-mo display's ultra-bright, eye-catching 3D videos generate a higher brand awareness
  3. The stunning holographic effect allows building loyalty near the point of sale

3D visuals

  1. Kino-mo provides value-added content to enhance customers experience while increasing dwell time
  2. Since most decisions are made in stores, Kino-mo is an effective way to influence consumer buying behaviour.
  3. An embedded GSM module enables advertisers to make rapid updates right from the office with one click

High impact

  1. At events, the ability to command attention is crucial and Kino-mo immediately does that
  2. Kino-mo enables content to be directed at specific audiences based on their interests & demographics
  3. Kino-mo’s floating-in-the-air effect provides a high level of interaction and an engaging experience

Holographic technology

Kino-mo Holo displays are often regarded as new holograms. While any holograms that have ever been on the market were extremely expensive, involved time-consuming installations and required a dedicated space, Kino-mo Holo displays offer an affordable, 'plug-and'play' holographic solution for mass market.

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